BUGATTI VEYRON and BUGATTI CHIRON ACCESSORIES, above all, allow you to express your personality to the utmost and preserve each exclusive, component of your BUGATTI, making it authentic and unique.

BUGATTI achieves its maximum and peak performance when there is a perfect synergy between each and every one of its components – this is only achieved through the use of original, genuine accessories. Each accessory in your vehicle is designed and engineered to meet the performance, reliability, safety and durability demanded by BUGATTI. Each BUGATTI genuine accessory is supplied with a two-year warranty.


The BUGATTI CHIRON family represents a wide spectrum of performance. Likewise, BUGATTI Accessories are a vast range of exclusive items designed to make your CHIRON even more striking.

Discover all the ways to bring out the exceptional qualities of your BUGATTI Chiron—from a tailored Performance Upgrade Package down to the very last detail.



The BUGATTI Veyron was an engineering masterpiece and a historical achievement. BUGATTI Accessories are designed to fully exalt the iconic qualities of Veyron models. From wheels to brake calipers to rims and more, each item pays homage to the Veyron pioneering spirit.

Discover all Accessories to make your BUGATTI Veyron even more unique.


Fuel consumption - Chiron (Until 2020)

Fuel consumption - Chiron (From 2021)