Bugatti Veyron orange Bernar Venet
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet

A work of art

This extraordinary, one-of-a-kind model was produced in collaboration with the French artist Bernar Venet, who helped Bugatti to create a work of art that combines an alluring, artistic surface design with a haute couture-style interior. 

Bernar Venet, who has a passion for mathematical formulas and scientific theories, took his inspiration for the design of the Grand Sport from the technical formulas used to calculate the power of the Bugatti engine, and applied them to the car’s body and interior. 

The artist also intended his interpretation of the Grand Sport to be viewed as an homage to the ingenious technology and the expertise of German engineering. Bernar Venet’s automotive sculpture was unveiled in the Rubell Family Collection at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2012.

Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Museum
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Front
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Tire
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Cockpit
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Door
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Filler Cap
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Work
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Artist
Bugatti Veyron Bernar Venet Sketchbook

A masterpiece of craftsmanship

The bodyshell of this Grand Sport is decorated with a design made up of mathematical and scientific formulas that are inspired by the speed of the car. They explode outward from the front of the vehicle, extending over the wings and up the sides. The rusty color of the formulas, which can also be found in the interior, refers to a series of successful sculptural works by Venet. The Bugatti designers created special stencils and used them to individually add the formulas to the exterior of the car. Several layers of lacquer were then added to achieve the perfect surface characteristic of a Bugatti. In the car interior, the formulas were embroidered into the materials – an outstanding example of master craftsmanship.