My Garage 2019

Germany/ Hamburg, 26 July 2019

hamburg event

We as Bugatti Hamburg participatedin the yearly "My Garage”event in Denmark in 2019.We were on site with a varied setup of five different Bugatti vehicles.

The Bugatti models Veyron, a Veyron Grand Sport, a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the Chiron, as well as the brand-newChiron Sport were part of the setup.In front ofour Bugatti-Eventtruck and the wonderful setup, as well as on the whole event area we had the great possibility to meetother car enthusiasts and to exchange ourselves.All with the same passion for vehicles. Since the whole event took place on an airfield, one of the biggest highlights for all was the possibility to drive on anacceleration strip area as well as onarace strip area.The event as a whole was a great success and we are already looking forward to “My Garage”2020.

my garage event
my garage



Nicole Auger
Head of Communications
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