Bugatti reveals results of the Service Excellence Programme Awards for 2022

24 03 2023

Bugatti has realized record-breaking successes in the last 24 months thanks, in part, to the achievements of the brand’s global after sales activity, that provides unrivaled service to customers worldwide. Last year, the Bugatti Service Excellence Programme was created to recognize the work and dedication of the Bugatti Service Partners network, and the best performing partners for 2022 have now been revealed.

The Bugatti Service Excellence Programme honors the commitment of Bugatti Service Partners across the world, entrusted with caring for the most advanced automotive creations ever developed. As with the design, engineering and assembly of a Bugatti, its maintenance can only be undertaken by the most meticulously trained experts. These awards recognize those that are the best of the best, fostering such close and trustworthy relations with customers that they elevate the Bugatti ownership experience even further.


The Bugatti Service Excellence Programme delivers four prizes in total, including three regional recognitions -  one for North America; another for Europe; and a third for the Middle East and Asia region - and one global designated the World Best Performing Service Partner that is selected from the three regional winners.

In North America, Bugatti Greenwich took the Regional Best Performing Bugatti Service Partner award. In Europe, Bugatti Zurich claimed top spot. And in Middle East and Asia, Bugatti Singapore was recognized as the Best Performing Bugatti Partner.

“The competition was intense because each of our partners throughout the world are passionate about delivering our customers a truly incomparable ownership experience,” said Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, Global After Sales Business Manager for Bugatti. “In fact, there was little to separate the top 10 in North America, the top eight in Europe, and the top three in Middle East and Asia were very closely matched.”

Each of the regional winning teams were presented with a Bugatti Service Excellence Programme certificate; a beautifully intricate glass trophy; and all team members were hosted by Trevor and the Bugatti brand at a fine dining experience to celebrate the success and hard work of each person involved. Each award ultimately recognizes that delivering such a consistently high standard of service requires the input of the whole team.

Despite strong performance from all three regional winners, it was Bugatti Zurich that ultimately prevailed, taking the overall and outright World Best Performing Bugatti Service Partner award.

“To win the Regional Best Performing Bugatti Service award is a superb recognition for all the team at Bugatti Zurich,” said a delighted Eligio Camiña, After Sales Director. “But to be announced as the Bugatti Global Service Partner of the Year is a dream come true for all of us here at Bugatti Zurich.

“This title is recognition of how we see after sales and customer service operations working perfectly in sync with Bugatti’s brand values, vision and strive for perfection. No one person makes a Bugatti masterpiece. And no one person makes a Bugatti customer feel special, unique and loved. This is a team effort which is why this team award means so much to us all.”

Trevor Hodgson-Phillips added: “Our hyper sports cars define what it means to be at the pinnacle of driving performance, luxury and design, and we want to ensure that at every stage of a customer’s journey with us, we are delivering incomparable experiences – both at the point of sale and throughout the lifetime of the car. Across the Bugatti Service Partners, we see extraordinary dedication to going above and beyond, with a caliber so consistent all over the world that almost every Bugatti Partner could be considered a winner. In amongst such strong performances, congratulations to our regional awards winners and to Bugatti Zurich, our 2022 Global Service Partner of the Year.”

Bugatti hyper sports cars are built with a vision that they will be timeless heirlooms, enjoyed hundreds of years into the future. The after sales experience is a crucial part of this process, ensuring a Bugatti is always maintained in perfect working order to be driven to its full ability. Many years after a car is first delivered by the craftspeople of the Atelier in Molsheim, it will still feel as new as the day it was built thanks to the work of passionate Bugatti Service Partners all over the world.

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The Bugatti Greenwich team is awarded the Regional Best Performing Bugatti Service Partner award.
Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, Global After Sales Business Manager at Bugatti, congratulates the Bugatti Greenwich team.
The Bugatti Singapore team is named Regional Best Performing Bugatti Service Partner for the Asia/Middle East region.
In North America, Bugatti Greenwich wins the Bugatti Regional Service Partner award.



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