13 10 2022

W16 Mistral: This model is not subject to Directive 1999/94/EC, as type approval has not yet been granted.

Bugatti ownership is designed to be an incomparable experience, right from the very first showroom interaction. The network of 34 Bugatti partners throughout the world constantly innovate to create an environment befitting Bugatti’s hyper sports cars. Bugatti Hamburg becomes the latest to reinvent its space with an entirely new site opening.

Operated by the Kamps Group since 2009, Bugatti Hamburg significantly revitalized its showroom in 2017 but now moves to an entirely new setting. Conveniently located near to Hamburg airport in an area of the city renowned for its links with the very best of the automotive world, Bugatti Hamburg now takes on the latest Bugatti visual identity. Bold and self-confident, the new facility remains true to two core Bugatti beliefs: everything Bugatti produces is a bespoke work of art, and every customer gets to experience something completely unique following Ettore Bugatti’s motto: “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti”.


Guy Caquelin, Head of Sales at Bugatti Automobiles, said: “Germany is one of the leading markets in the world for sales of Bugatti vehicles, in part thanks to the excellent work of our partners like the Kamps Group at Bugatti Hamburg. With their relentless commitment to continuous improvement – very much in the spirit of Ettore Bugatti – they have delivered a striking new showroom that becomes the perfect home for our brand, now and into the near-future.”

With floor space of 140 sq/m, the new retail environment is almost twice as large as the previous Bugatti Hamburg site, better able to showcase the diverse range of Bugatti hyper sports cars. The contemporary presentation is dominated by cutting-edge design and fine materials, with distinctive lines and clear surfaces reminiscent of Bugatti hyper sports cars. A new roof terrace brings a fresh and relaxing space for customers to enjoy.

The showroom becomes an attraction to automotive enthusiasts in Hamburg, surrounded by large glass windows that allow passers-by the rare opportunity to see a Bugatti hyper sports car in person.

Officially launched with an exclusive party, the W16 Mistral1 was guest of honor at Bugatti Hamburg – the first time it had been on display at a retailer in Europe. Named after a one-of-a-kind wind that heralds the new seasons in southern France, the supremely powerful 1,600 PS Bugatti W16 Mistral is the final roadgoing appearance of the iconic 8.0-litre quad-turbo engine. Designed as the ultimate roadster, all 99 units of W16 Mistral have already been secured by passionate Bugatti collectors.

Other products that encompass the Bugatti lifestyle are placed throughout the new showroom, including the Bugatti Baby II, a fully electric 75% scale recreation of the legendary Type 35. Beautifully crafted, it pays homage to the half-scale Bugatti Baby, which was created by Ettore for his four-year-old son Roland. Customers were so enamored with it that it became a production model in its own right.

Karsten Meyer, Managing Director at the Kamps Group, said: “It has always been a great honor to represent the Bugatti brand in Hamburg. As this latest development shows, we constantly strive to perfect the journey for our customers, bringing them the latest innovations in design and technology to ensure that buying and owning a Bugatti is an experience just as extraordinary as driving it. This investment also represents our commitment to Bugatti; the next evolution in a relationship that extends back well over a decade.”

The Kamps Group has been a part of the automobile industry for more than 60 years, becoming an expert in super sports cars and luxury vehicles. Kamps in Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG, a company which is a member of this group, has been an official partner of Bugatti since 2009.




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Operated by the Kamps Group since 2009, Bugatti Hamburg now moves to an entirely new setting.
The new Bugatti showroom in Hamburg offers cutting-edge design and fine materials.
The new Bugatti showroom in Hamburg offers cutting-edge design and fine materials.
In Hamburg, the W16 Mistral was on display for the first time at a Bugatti retailer in Europe.


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