Bugatti Expands its Commitment to Sustainability on Earth Day

22 04 2022

Bugatti Automobiles is committed to net zero carbon emissions production, efficient recycling and offsetting emissions from every journey customers make in its vehicles.

Ever since 2020, Bugatti has used 100% green biogas and 100% green electricity for production at its sites. But it goes further still, offsetting emissions from journeys undertaken in Bugatti vehicles by Bugatti owners and recycling 98% of waste products from its Molsheim production facility.

Employees of Bugatti met with the Office National des Forêts (ONF) in early 2021 to discuss reforestation to offset carbon emissions and to encourage natural habitat growth. Surrounded by forest in the heart of Alsace, the village of Grendelbruch is just a few kilometers from the Bugatti headquarters in Molsheim. In the past year, 9,125 new trees have been planted, in addition to 4,480 in the previous year. The reforestation with various tree species will make it possible for a forest ecosystem to be reinstated, a habitat to be created for a high degree of biodiversity, and carbon to be stored, offsetting the carefully calculated emissions of Bugatti as a whole.



Ettore Bugatti created a forest in Alsace more than 110 years ago. Now, at the Bugatti headquarters in Molsheim, there is a herd of fallow deer living in a four-hectare forest area right by the Château. The reforestation of the Alsatian forest alone demonstrates that Bugatti believes in long-term commitment. New shoots are contributing to the reforestation. They will be left to grow for until the end of their lifecycle, and will then be replaced with new shoots. This will create a new forest cycle – for the next generation.

This long-term strategy will continue to capture carbon emissions for the lifetime of the trees planted, but Bugatti has also established new environmental protection efforts with an even more immediate impact. It has committed to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, securing areas for protection. Bugatti also acknowledges its responsibilities in the area of environmental protection and sustainability in its Code of Conduct – environmentally friendly, progressive, and efficient technologies, the responsible use of resources, the will to continuously reduce environmental impacts, and compliance with environmental protection legislation and regulations are just some of the issues this addresses in particular.

Developments in the recycling of waste from Bugatti’s production sites has now ensured that 98% of waste is responsibly repurposed for future use. Bugatti works closely with local recycling businesses to ensure it can trace the process from start to finish.

Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles and COO of Bugatti Rimac, said: “Sustainable, responsible production and use of Bugatti models is at the forefront of our long-term vision. We have already made great strides to achieve net zero in our production and on behalf of our customers for the journeys they make in their Bugatti cars. But we continuously strive to lessen the impact we have on the environment, working closely with partners throughout the world to reinvigorate natural habitats and protect vulnerable areas.”

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Ettore Bugatti created a forest in Alsace more than 110 years ago, where now a herd of fallow deer is living in a four-hectare forest area right by the Château.
Bugatti expands its commitment to sustainability on Earth Day.



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