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Type 35

The Type 35 is without a doubt the first model you would associate with the Bugatti brand – to this day, it remains the most successful race car of all time, with over 2,000 victories and spots on the podium during a racing career that lasted nearly ten years. The Type 35 features a stunning streamlined teardrop-shaped bodyshell. It was also a commercial success – Bugatti sold the Grand Prix model to prosperous privateers, laying the foundation for Molsheim’s Golden Age. The Bugatti Type 35 was the only car from the period that could be driven on both public roads and racetracks. 



Technical details
Year of manufacture1924-1931
Units builtmore than 300 (all 35 versions)
Engine8-cylinder in-line engine, 3 valve/cylinder, overhead camshafts
Cubic capacity/bore [cm³/mm]1991/60 x 88
Carburetor2 Solex
Power [HP at revolutions/min]90 at 5500
Forward gears4
Front wheel suspensionLive axle, semi-elliptical springs
Back wheel suspensionLive axle, inverted quarter-elliptical springs
BrakesCable drum brakes
Wheelbase [meters]2.4
Wheel track [meters]1.2
Tire size710 x 90
Weight [kilograms]approx. 750