Shaped for performance

For over 25 years UYN has sought one objective: develop and produce the best high-tech sports apparel in the world, providing wearers an entirely new athletic experience, made possible with intelligent yarns and seamless technologies.  


The new "UYN for BUGATTI" collection is the result of close collaboration between BUGATTI designers and AREAS (Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport), the highly advanced R&D and testing center of UYN. The partnership has led to unprecedented combinations of materials, while translating the beauty and performance of BUGATTI’s hyper cars into a collection of innovative apparel. 



"UYN for BUGATTI" Apparel Collection

The apparel line includes ten items designed to set new standards in breathability, drying speed, softness and elasticity. UYN provides wearers with a harmonious connection to nature using special natural fibers, allowing for complete freedom of movement and lightness.  

The shirts and polo shirts feature Ergomotion® technology for a natural range of motion, while the sleeves are made using a 3D knit Haloflex technique for great elasticity and breathability.  

The iconic Bugatti C-line is a source of inspiration which UYN has integrated in jackets and other vests. As in BUGATTI cars, form follows function: the unique C-shaped shoulder design also guarantees complete freedom of movement. 

For rainy or windy days, the ultra-lightweight and compact rain and wind jackets and vests deliver the perfect balance of protection and breathability, ensuring comfort in any situation. 

"UYN for BUGATTI" Shoe Collection

“UYN for BUGATTI" shoes are a new take on traditional sneakers. Flowing design, advanced functionality and plant-based materials come together to create a new wearing experience. The collection includes the SPEED and PACE shoes. The first style features a 3D knit one-piece upper with patented Air Dual® ventilation system. Special protections at the toe, heel and sides increase abrasion resistance as well as giving the SPEED shoes a dynamic and bold style. 

The PACE model is engineered entirely from the sock, following a production technique exclusive to UYN. Ultra-elastic, slip-on and seamless, the PACE shoe wraps around the foot in outstanding comfort and adapts naturally to its anatomy. The highly breathable C-Zones on the sides, inspired by Bugatti’s C-Line, promote foot ventilation and help maintain the ideal micro-climate inside the shoe. 




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