PG for Bugatti: The PG Bugatti Bike

PG Bike for Bugatti and Bugatti Chiron
PG Bike for Bugatti overview

The ultimate bike to the ultimate super sports car

The vision of Manuel Ostner, CEO of bicycle manufacturer PG – one of the most exclusive bike makers worldwide –, was clear: "To build the ultimate bicycle to the ultimate automobile". Like the Bugatti Chiron, the bike should be unmatched in design, craftsmanship and performance. Building a bicycle entirely in the spirit of company founder Ettore Bugatti, who himself had designed a bicycle during his lifetime, also inspired Achim Anscheidt, Design Director of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.: "The claim to be a high-tech product was a great challenge. To develop the bike from the most modern and high-quality lightweight materials, which would also carry our brand DNA, convinced us to design the bike together with PG and suggest formal ideas".

PG Bugatti Bike saddle

The design team around Etienne Salomé was inspired by the original of Ettore Bugatti. The choice of materials – including carbon, titanium and aluminium – was based on the standards of modern Bugatti super sports cars. The PG Bugatti Bike is limited to 667 masterpieces.

PG Bike for Bugatti saddle

Made from over 95 percent of carbon fibre and at a weight of less than 5 kilograms, the standard model of the PG Bugatti is the lightest urban bike in the world. This extraordinary masterpiece of "Made in Germany" is not only breathtakingly beautiful and noble, but also an absolute high-tech product.

PG Bike for Bugatti and Bugatti Chiron Design

The Bugatti bikes are handcrafted, refined and individualized according to customer requirements in the PG Bugatti showroom in Weinstadt, German. Bugatti customers can adapt the style of their bike to their Bugatti super sports car.

White PG Bike for Bugatti and white Bugatti Chiron
Blue PG Bike for Bugatti and blue Bugatti Chiron
Black PG Bike for Bugatti and black Bugatti Chiron



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