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The wild and wonderful world of Rembrandt Bugatti

The creations by Lalique for Bugatti pay homage to the extraordinary history and unique flair of both companies, driven by a passion for beauty and an insatiable thirst for excellence. The connection between Bugatti and Lalique is deeply rooted in time. Both companies come from Alsace, and both households hosted a creative genius: René Lalique and Ettore Bugatti, who also happened to be good friends. Like the Molsheim-based luxury sports car manufacturer, Lalique also stands for refined craftsmanship and unique expertise. Today, both brands have united their creative forces and exquisite understanding of aesthetics to produce a series of limited-edition works of art aimed at discerning connoisseurs and art collectors all over the world.

elephant bugatti

Rembrandt Bugatti by Lalique

The result of the collaboration is a limited-edition series of precious masterpieces: a crystal version of the Yawning Lioness, the Reclining Egyptian Wolf and the Mare. Standing out above them all is the famous Dancing Elephant, one of Rembrandt Bugatti’s finest works, which became the mascot of the famous Bugatti Royale when Ettore Bugatti had it mounted on its radiator to pay homage to his brother’s art. Each piece is based on Rembrandt Bugatti’s original moulds and was crafted using the extraordinary lost-wax casting technique, which is only mastered by a select number of artists. Every piece is completely unique, modelled by master glassmakers with an unparalleled passion for detail.

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three elephants
Dancing Elephant, ca. 1903, bronze © Sladmore Gallery, London | Dancing Elephant, amber-coloured crystal, edition: 88 copies - Dancing Elephant, clear crystal, edition: 431 copies - Dancing Elephant, black crystal, edition: 55 copies Dancing Elephant, blue crystal, edition: 35 copies.
horse bugatti
Mare and Foal, ca. 1907, © Sladmore Gallery, London | Mare, clear crystal, edition: 8 copies + 4 H.C.
bugatti sculpture
Yawning Lioness, ca. 1903, bronze, 29 x 54 x 23 cm © Sladmore Gallery, London | Yawning Lioness, clear crystal, 28.5 x 56 x 23 cm, 19 kg, edition: 8 copies + 4 H.C.
bugatti sculpture rembrandt
Reclining Egyptian Wolf, ca. 1904, © Sladmore Gallery, London | Reclining Egyptian Wolf, clear crystal, edition: 8 copies + 4 H.C.



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