Bugatti Merchandise Collection

Bugatti and Audes in Molsheim
Bugatti and Audes Fashion, 110 years Anniversay

Inspired by true masterpieces

The New Bugatti Merchandise Collection expresses the identity and heritage of the Bugatti brand through an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories. The collection is inspired by the masterpieces of Bugatti – from the Chiron to the latest editions, such as the La Voiture Noire and the Centodieci. Iconic shapes such as the Bugatti Centre Line and the Signature Line, as well as representative textures are enclosed in the details and clothing customizations. The latest Bugatti Merchandise Collection combines the spirit of Bugatti’s hypercars and the values that the brand has always embodied.

Bugatti and Audes, Capsule Collection

The Bugatti Merchandise Collection

The Bugatti Merchandise Collection ranges from high-quality apparel to practical accessories such as power banks, key chains, notebook bags and credit card holders. Loving details such as the Bugatti Macaron and the EB logo pay tribute to the historic heritage of Bugatti. Additionally, artistic designs trace the history of Bugatti in the form of its birthplace and most legendary vehicles, whilst also praising the brands’ latest creations.

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