Tidal for Bugatti

TIDAL for Bugatti

A new sound from Bugatti. A new chapter of exclusive performance lifestyle has arrived, with an exclusive range of products that are as multi-sensory as our top-of-the-range hyper sports cars. These incredible objects are meticulously designed and hand-made for the ultimate emotional experience at your home. We enter new spheres for music lovers and luxury design enthusiasts, with a new era inspired by Bugatti’s unmatched masterpieces and brand heritage which combine industry-leading performance with exquisite design.

We just have sealed a multiyear partnership with TIDAL-Audio, a leading manufacturer of high-end audio equipment that shares our vision and philosophy of always striving for perfection. Together, we aim to set a category benchmark for effort, design, and uncompromised execution.

The Bugatti of home audio…

The Bugatti of home audio… …literally

TIDAL for Bugatti offers various configurations of materials, finishes, and details. The exquisite execution is fully in line with the spirit of Bugatti’s extraordinary hyper sports cars, as well as with the uniqueness the brand is well known and loved for. The collaboration between Bugatti and TIDAL Audio mirrors the unique legacies of both partners, combining top performance, perfectionism, and one-of-a-kind design concepts—all things that clients seek when looking to enhance their personalized lifestyle experience.

Royale “Edition Blanc”

TIDAL for Bugatti Royale “Edition Blanc”

The partnership starts its journey with the launch of two prestigious limited editions: “Edition Blanc” and “Edition Noir”. The Monocoque cabinet is, as the name suggests, similarly built as the ultra-rigid carbon chassis of Bugatti’s hyper cars. It is made out of a single 3D-shaped poly-shell material, to provide the utmost stability and the best resonance avoidance. The outer beauty lies in the explicit monochromatic choices, where metal parts in polished stainless-steel provide sophisticated contrasts. With its sculptural design and snow-white, feather-light shade, the “Edition Blanc” is able to both stand out and perfectly blend into open, spacious interiors.

Royale “Edition Noir”

TIDAL for Bugatti Royale “Edition Noir”

TIDAL-Audio is also famous worldwide for making some of the best real piano finishes. The “Edition Noir” features a pitch-black piano finish, embodying elegance and sophistication while making a bold statement. All metal parts are made of luxury watch-quality stainless steel, offering a wonderful contrast to the black lacquer.

TIDAL Audio for Bugatti

The name Royale is not just a name—it honors one of the most prestigious models in Bugatti history. But just as the groundbreaking car defined a new era, never before has a loudspeaker audio system combined such high levels of design, finish, and performance.

As with the Bugatti car, the design itself is an expression of what lies past the visible shell. The complex cabinet technology (for extreme stability) houses an amplifier that provides endless power and silky finesse to diaphragms made of diamond, ceramic, and aluminum. The experience provided by the Royale can only be bested by reality itself—indescribable and bringing forth a wave of emotions.

Each Royale unit can be customized with a select variety of the most noble materials and finishes in order to make it truly, specifically unique – just like one of its kind special personality as our prestigious clients would expect.

TIDAL Audio was founded in Germany 1999 by entrepreneur and music enthusiast Jörn Janczak with a clear vision of building the finest audio systems in the world. From the beginning TIDAL Audio pursued single-mindedly the ambition to redefine quality in the sphere of sound systems. TIDAL Audio systems are a combination of passion and professionalism never sparing any efforts to reach new heights in audio quality and design aspirations.




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