BUGATTI Ethics and Culture

integrity and compliance


The success of the BUGATTI brand is underpinned by honesty and integrity on the part of all our employees. By acting in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, internal guidelines and voluntary commitments, we always repay the considerable trust shown in the BUGATTI brand by our customers, business partners and stakeholders on a daily basis. An ethos of integrity, irreproachable conduct and fair dealings with each other are not merely something we take for granted – these values are deeply rooted in our brand identity. Upholding and further strengthening our system of values is one of the main duties of our company.

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The BUGATTI brand has valued customers, passionate enthusiasts and outstanding employees across the globe. In order to do justice to cultural differences in international markets and keep pace with increasing economic growth, BUGATTI is proud of the impressive array of experiences, world views, ideas and problem-solving strategies that can be applied on account of the diversity of its workforce. As such, diversity management is a crucial element of our brand’s HR strategy.


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