Sophisticated Technology
Sophisticated Technology
Shorter means quicker, bolder means faster.
Improved elasticity, a quicker throttle response, spectacular acceleration. With the rev band increased from 6.700 to 6.900 rpm, the iconic BUGATTI W16 engine now provides an even stronger performance at all speeds. 80% of the gearbox components were modified (with all 7 speeds shortened by 15%), for a new setup which further improves acceleration and elasticity: the CHIRON PUR SPORT accelerates in 6th gear from 60 to 120 km/h in 4,4 seconds, 41% faster than the already lightning-fast CHIRON.The PUR SPORT unleashes its full power at a speed of 350 km/h.
The tougher the corners, the higher the pleasure.
BUGATTI specifically configured the chassis and suspension to be uncompromising on winding roads: their setup has been refined to provide a better lateral acceleration and a more engaging and compelling driving experience. Featuring 65% stiffer springs at the front and 33% at the rear, new dampers with a firmer setting, new bushes and carbon stabilizers, the CHIRON PUR SPORT provides quicker and more direct steering reactions, profound precision, better grip in corners – even at astonishingly high speed.
The perfect gear to drive on even the most twisted roads.
To match the new chassis setup, BUGATTI and Michelin developed the new and exclusive Sport Cup 2R tires (285/30 R20 at the front and 355/25 R21 at the rear), with a modified structure and rubber mix that generates 10% more grip, to additionally increase their cornering abilities. The new magnesium wheels are 4 kg lighter, to further reduce the unsprung masses. They can be equipped with innovative carbon aero blades to improve brake cooling and aerodynamics. All of these modifications make the PUR SPORT’s handling more direct, accurate, and predictable.
Devour the road with your style.
To let you experience your personal driving style more intensely, the ESC driving assistance was also optimized. The CHIRON PUR SPORT features a new ESC mode to make each driving moment more emotionally tangible. Aimed at more skilled cornering experts, the ESC Sport+ mode lets the braking action of the stability control come into effect later, enabling you to adjust your personal driving style from razor-sharp ideal lines to thrilling powerslides.
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WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: low 44.650 / medium 24.800 / high 21.290 / extra high 21.570 / combined 25.190 ; CO2 emissions, combined, g / km: 571.636; efficiency class: G