Atelier, Molsheim, Factory, Customer, Personalization
Atelier, Molsheim, Factory, Customer, Personalization

The factory in Molsheim

Everything runs like clockwork at the Studio in Molsheim: directly adjacent to the family’s ancestral home, Château St. Jean, this is where the supercars are manufactured with superlative precision. The aluminium-clad building, modelled on the macaron shape of the brand logo, has a steel construction that makes it appear to float. It looks more like an artist’s studio than a car factory. This is where unique cars are made by hand for unique customers, motoring connoisseurs who want maximum individuality and exclusivity. The interior is streamlined and functional. The bright, well-lit production workshop exudes the same perfection, minimalist beauty and love of detail that characterise the brand’s cars. Highly qualified mechanics assemble cars in three assembly areas – one car in each area. This is followed by the “exterior”, “interior” and “final touch” production areas, where the cars’ exterior and interior fittings are installed before a final quality check is carried out. Each time, something unique and absolutely perfect is the result: a Bugatti.

Bugatti Atelier Molsheim
Bugatti factory Molsheim
Bugatti Factory Atelier
Atelier Bugatti Molsheim