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AvD Innovations  Prize awarded to Bugatti Präsident, Dr. Karl Heinz Neumann


For the first time, the Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD) has awarded its “AvD Innovations Prize” . AvD president, Prince Wolfgang Ernst of Ysenburg and Beudingen, presented the prize to the president of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., Dr. Karl Heinz Neumann. In his speech honoring Bugatti, Prince Wolfgang Ernst said that in a time in which visions are increasingly hindered by doubts and restrictions, the AvD has resolved to promote real innovations – achievements that promote mobility, technology, and transportation.
According to the prince, the AvD Innovations Prize has been awarded to a company which has dared to relaunch a brand with one of the richest traditions in the automobile industry, by creating an automobile that is packed full of technical innovations, and is acknowledged by most experts to be the finest production sports car in the world. At the same time, the prize is intended to honor a man whose name is synonymous with Bugatti, and who previously spent a large part of his life with the VW concern as a leading technician and developer, Dr. Karl Heinz Neumann. Further, the AvD president praised the spirit of innovation that will take the company into the future, saying that “such innovations will be the driving force of the future” .
As justification for awarding the Innovations Prize, the AvD president said, “ The new Bugatti is a vision which, thanks to a large number of innovations, has become one of the best automobiles ever built. Anyone who would argue with reason alone has not understood that the realization of innovations is a question of vision, resulting from a tolerance for fantasy and creativity. An abundance of solutions provide a powerful impulse and the courage to move beyond new frontiers, so that distant goals can become attainable. The Avd has consciously awarded its first Innovations Prize to a company and its board of directors who have given their employees an extreme amount of freedom to develop to the best they were able, without asking if and when the all of the efforts would finally pay off. This prize is therefore a salute to entrepreneurial courage in a time in which wavering and halfhearted notions are all too common.”
This excellent company and Dr. Karl Heinz Neumann, as the prizewinner’s representative, are well worthy of the AvD Innovations Prize, which they have accepted from the Avd on behalf of all those who dare to be innovative.


AvD president Prince Wolfgang Ernst of Ysenburg and Beudingen (left) presents the first AvD Innovations Prize to Dr. Karl Heinz Neumann, the president of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.